CTX™ Frangible Bullets

Available in Many Sizes! Pistol and Rifle Calibers! As well as select sizes of shot shell pellets!

    • CTX-380-75: .380 75grain6-8
    • CTX-9-90: 9mm 90grain
    • CTX-9-100: 9mm 100grain
    • CTX-357/38-110: .357/38 110grain
    • CTX-SIG-100: 357SIG 100grain
    • CTX-40-105: 40cal 105grain
    • CTX-40-125: 40cal 125grain
    • CTX-44-172: 44mag 172grain
    • CTX-45-140: 45cal 140grain
    • CTX-45-155: 45cal 155grain
    • CTX-223-42: .223 42grain
    • CTX-223-55: .223 55grain45 cal
    • CTX-6.8-95: 6.8mm 95grain
    • CTX-308-125: .308 125grain
    • CTX-7.62-125: 7.62×39 125grain
    • CTX-50-600: .50cal 600grain
    • CTX-12GA-325: 12gauge 325grain Slug
    • CTX-00BUCK-30: 00Buckshot 30grain
    • CTX-00BUCK-32: 00Buckshot 32grain
    • CTX-4BUCK-13: #4 Buckshot 13grain

CTX™ Frangible Bullet Features:

  • & Non-toxic: TomBobĀ® CTX™ Frangible Bullets are constructed from materials containing no significant traces of lead or other harmful elements.
  • Pistol Calibers: Flat Nose or Hollow Point available on all sizes. Designated with -FP (Flat Point) or -HP (Hollow Point) on part number.
  • Rifle Calibers: Taper Point or Round Nose style design, except CTX-50-600 which is Round Nose only. Designated with -TP (Taper Point) or -RN (Round Nose) on part number.

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