ITX® Muzzle-loader Roundballs and Saboted Bullets

Non-toxic TomBob® ITX® Muzzle-loader Roundballs and Saboted Bullets

In many hunting zones, the use of lead projectiles has been outlawed due to environmental concerns. Like it or not, this means you can no longer hunt these areas with traditional muzzle-loaders. Using hard shot can destroy a traditional smoothbore. Your prized longrifle with its slow-twist rifling, so effective with patched roundball, will not stabilize a modern conical sabot. Ol’ Davy Crockett never used plastic “whizbangs” to tame the woods…why should you?

Available in Multiple Calibers for Traditional Muzzle-loaders, both Rifles and Pistols

ITX® Roundballs can return you to your favorite hunting spots using traditional projectiles – whizbang-free! ITX® is non-toxic and has similar characteristics to lead. This means ITX® can perform like lead without harming the environment, or your treasured muzzle-loader. Say no to compromise and yes to traditional hunting – just the way you like it.

Current sizes:

Roundball: 32,45,50,54,62 Calibers

ITX® Saboted Bullets for modern hunters who like their plastic whizbangs! ITX® is non-toxic and has similar characteristics to lead. This means ITX® can perform like lead without harming the environment or your treasured muzzle-loader.

Saboted Bullet: 50 Caliber


  • & Non-toxic: ITX® Muzzle-loader Roundballs and Saboted Bullets are constructed from materials containing no significant traces of lead or other harmful elements.
  • USFWS Approved: ITX® Muzzle-loader Roundballs are the only roundballs on the market made from a material approved for use in waterfowl hunting, guaranteeing the longevity of the product and consistent with new regulations.
  • 10 g/cc Density: Mimicking close-to-lead density, ITX® Roundballs will perform with close-to-lead trajectory, while maintaining ductility that will not harm your barrel.
  • Toughness: The ITX® Roundball is tougher than lead, which results in greater penetration, while at the same time inflicting a devastating wound for a quick kill.
  • High Density: denser than steel (similar to bismuth shot) for down-range energy and knock-down power far superior to steel shot and numerous other non-toxic materials.
  • Affordable: ITX® is specifically engineered to save you money on your hunting supplies while providing superior ballistic performance. This is the first non-toxic ball to perfectly balance cost vs. performance.

“There are certain loads that just stand out-one such recipe is found below. The load features a mere 7/8 oz. (148 pellets) of TomBob Outdoors’ lead-free ITX-10 No. 4 shot, which has a target density of 10 grams/cc (i.e. close to lead’s 11.34 grams/cc); however, the payload attains a scorching 1491 f.p.s. to deliver maximum on-target energy. And deliver it does!…”

American Rifleman Magazine

on ITX Shot

“Gentleman, last week our Hunting group utilized the ITX brand of non-toxic shot and recipes from your Advantages manual on Diver ducks in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We shot #2 and #4 ITX pellets in 3 inch Federal & Fiocchi hulls and the results far surpassed our expectations; many birds were downed with only one shot, amazing results and here is the proof.”

William R. Smith Jr

Satisfied Customer, on ITX Shot

“I am sending a photo of my first results trying out ITX #4 in my new (to me) 10 gauge. Indeed the blitzkrieg is beginning on the Upper Mississippi, and the giants are falling. Although the range of this goose was not extreme, it came down like a ton of bricks. It was hit everywhere – with one pellet passing completely through the thick portion of the breast and into the body cavity. The greenhead was pushing 50 yards and had three pellets penetrate into the body cavity. These kind of results make ITX worth the price.”


Satisfied Customer, on ITX Shot