45cal ITX Roundball (14/pack)




45cal ITX Roudball

In many hunting zones, the use of lead projectiles has been outlawed due to environmental concerns. Like it or not, this means you can no longer hunt these areas with traditional muzzleloaders. Using hard shot can destroy a traditional smoothbore. Your prized longrifle with its slow-twist rifling, so effective with patched roundball, will not stabilize a modern conical sabot. Ol’ Davy Crockett never used plastic “whizbangs” to tame the woods…why should you?


  • Lead Free & Non-toxic: ITX® Muzzleloader Roundballs and Saboted Bullets are constructed from materials containing no significant traces of lead or other harmful elements.
    USFWS Approved: ITX® Muzzleloader Roundballs are the only roundballs on the market made from a material approved for use in waterfowl hunting, guaranteeing the longevity of the product and consistent with new regulations.
  • 10 g/cc Density: Mimicking close-to-lead density, ITX® Roundballs will perform with close-to-lead trajectory, while maintaining ductility that will not harm your barrel.
  • Toughness: The ITX® Roundball is tougher than lead, which results in greater penetration, while at the same time inflicting a devastating wound for a quick kill.
  • Easy to Use: The patented ITX® Roundball comes with pre-lubricated patches. As an added bonus, the balls are infused with its own lubricant that allows for a “controlled release” as it goes down the barrel.
  • High Density – denser than steel (similar to bismuth shot) for down-range energy and knock-down power far superior to steel shot and numerous other non-toxic materials. *
  • Affordable – ITX® is specifically engineered to save you money on your hunting supplies while providing superior ballistic performance. This is the first non-toxic ball to perfectly balance cost vs. performance.


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